Tactile Ground Surface Indicators installation requires an in-depth understanding of national regulations, especially in extraordinary cases where a rational design approach is needed with an expert's interpretation of local regulations. 

This is where a TGSl consultant comes in. 

Our consultants are experts in the design, layout and installation of Tactile Paving in South Africa. We provide guidance on the correct ways to install TGSIs, and on how to adapt designs in unusual circumstances, so your project conforms to all the relevant standards, no matter how intricate.

Do you need a Consultant who can provide Tactile Paving Guidance?

Installing Tactiles may seem like a simple process, however sometimes you can run into difficulties, as not every tile layer is familiar with South African standards and requirements and the correct use of Tactile paving.

When taking on a Universal Design (UD) or Universal Access (UA) project it is crucial to get it right from the start. This way you can eliminate escalated costs and extended deadlines later on. 

Gimi Access offers professional Tactile paving guidance on the regulations, and correct layout and installation of TGSIs as set out by SANS 784:2008. Our consultants can guide you from the early design phase of you project, and can even seek clarification from council representatives or architects for you. This will ensure that the finished product conforms to the standards put in place to provide nationwide uniformity.  

Our network of experienced consultants and tile installers are familiar with Tactile paving regulations, and all the factors that play a role in Universal Design compliance in South Africa. Our TGSI layouts are supported by the Department of Transport, the SABS working group on TGSIs and the South African National Council for the Blind.

We Provide Tactile Paving Guidance on:

• Tactile paving regulations
• TGSI product design
• Tactile paving on radius
• TGSI layout
• Maximum and minimum gradients
• Kerb radius
• Placement of traffic lights in L-shaped TGSI layouts
• Depth of landings
• Sidewalk width and height
• And more

Construction work is cheaper when done correctly the first time. If you need expertise on the correct use of Tactile paving, contact us today. Our qualified personnel are able to quote directly from drawings. And, if you have any questions about TGSI installations, Gimi Access is ready to assist you in getting it right.