Tactile Ground Surface Indicators installation requires an in-depth understanding of national regulations, especially in extraordinary cases where a rational design approach is needed with an expert's interpretation of local regulations. 

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Gimi Access provides professionally trained construction teams, Construction Managers as well as Project Managers to work with service providers. We install precast Tactile pavers in Pretoria, Johannesburg as well as other major cities in South Africa where Bus Rapid Transport systems are implemented. 

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If you need specialists who can give your team valuable insights regarding Tactile Ground Surface Indicators installation, we're your team. 

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The prevalence of sight disability in South Africa is 32%, which is the highest of all disabilities. Tactile Ground Surface Indicators play a vital role in empowering the visually impaired in finding their way. The tactile paving texture on TGSIs helps guide visually impaired pedestrians in defining routes, and creates an accessible environment for all. 

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